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Warning - keep out of reach of small children
Heelio Dealios ® , West Kelowna, British Columbia  - Available World Wide

The Story behind “Heelio Dealio's”

Two years ago, my husband Bob and I hosted our first Christmas Party at our new home. Bob insisted there would be no high heels worn inside the house, damaging our lovely wood floors.

That was a problem. As we all know, a girls shoes are an important part of the entire outfit. How could I ask my girlfriends to remove their beautiful shoes? In fact, I would not. I had come up with a clever idea! I went to my “junk drawer”, found the left over furniture felts. You know the ones, I had stuck them on the bottom of the furniture to protect our wood floors. You can see were this is going, yes, every pair of heels had a felt stuck to the bottom of them. The party was a huge success, the floors remained undamaged and voila, the idea of “Heelio Dealio's” was born…….

When researching the idea, I found no products in the marketplace. After months of work, “Heelio Dealio's”, a clear, flexible, durable, affordable, reusable heel and floor protector was launched! As time went on, I realized the idea was even better than I originally thought. After attending a garden wedding, and unintentionally, using my pretty summer stilettos as a grass aerator, I started wearing the “Heelio Dealio's” any time I walked on grass in heels. The grass remains puncture free, and heels undamaged.

“Heelio Dealio's” are the perfect accessory for both indoor and outdoor occasions.